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Medical Billing Advocacy understands that most patients do not have the time or resources to self advocate. Even for those patients who have the time and resources, the possibility of achieving a successful result is usually poor.

Never ending advances in all areas of medical care combined with frequent changes in services covered by medical insurers, variations in coverage between insurers (including between plans within one insurer) and the absence of any national or state requirement for certification of coding and billing professionals, has resulted in extreme incidences of billing errors. These errors culminate in inappropriate denial of insurance payment and therefore the ultimate financial liability incorrectly assigned to patients.

It has become necessary for patients to become self advocates or suffer the financial fallout. The combination of the regulatory, billing expertise necessary for success is virtually impossible for the layperson to either acquire and/or appropriately apply. This is particularly unfortunate for those patients without medical insurance who are responsible for 100% of the fees for any care they require.

And, even if you are fully responsible for the hospital bills these bills add up when late fees and charges accruing monthly. The once relatively small bill becomes larger and much too financially burdensome resulting in partial payments or even missed payments. The latter can seriously affect your credit score.





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