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Tip 1 - Review every bill you have received for accuracy. Unfortunately, it is very common for medical bills to have errors, some which may be significant. A recent Harvard study indicated that about 80% of medical bills have at least one error. You can be overcharged for medications and procedures you received, or even charged for those you did not receive. Medical bills are very often difficult to understand, and sometimes there can be pages to review. Feel free to contact the hospital or facility to obtain clarification on some of the items. Find how to locate medical billing errors.

Tip 2 - Negotiate medical bills and health care services. Consumer Reports National Research Center completed a study that indicated that only 31 percent of patients have tried to negotiate the price they are paying for a health care service or medical bill. For those that did negotiate a medical service, over 90% were successful at least once, and over a third of patients saved at least $100. Find tips for how to negotiate medical bills.

Tips 3 - If you have health insurance, contact your insurance company if you think there are portions of the medical bill that they should have begun paying. Sometimes they will pay the medical bill. Even if they do not pay it, it is worth your time in asking them to ensure they are not responsible. In some cases there may be procedures or medications that you can’t be billed for, or the bill was submitted too late for payment. Your insurance company will determine such things. Even if you were denied by the insurance company, always check with your plan, and with the company to verify. Sometimes you may need to “push” them to obtain help with paying medical bills.

Tip 4 - Some hospitals will forgive a significant portion of your medical debt if you contact them early in the cycle expressing your need for help with paying. You need to contact them though before things get out of hand. There have been cases in which hospitals have waived 25-75% of peoples medical bills. You may even be able to settle your hospital bills for pennies on the dollar. While sometimes this is income dependent, they will almost always listen to hardship cases when making a determination for assistance. They will usually allow you to communicate any financial hardship you have suffered, and the hospital or facility will take them into account when figuring your forgiveness. However, like all creditors, they will be much less likely to work with you if you wait until your bills go to collection before asking for help paying. Always remember, it never hurts to ask for assistance with a hospital bill.

Tip 5 - Use the correct medical facility. Selecting the correct place to go will make all the difference in the medical and insurance bills you need to pay. Most people who need attention just go straight to the emergency room when they're sick, and that really is the worst thing you can do. You always need to make sure you get the medical care you need at the lowest. So don't start at the emergency room, where an average trip will cost you more than a $1,000 before your insurance kicks in. First, you should consider a medical clinic within your HMO. Or a free medical clinic in your state. If you have one of these available, that can be a free option, or now you can even consider a convenience care clinic, where costs are also very low. Usually as low as $35 before your health insurance benefit. Then, consider going to your doctor's office if you have a more serious health problem. The co-pay you are responsible for will still be much lower there. And if it's after hours visit, or if you need immediate help, consider going to an urgent care center instead of the emergency room. It's a fraction of the cost, about $153 before your health insurance benefit.






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