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Today's complex medical billing system allows fraud and abuse to go undetected. Studies have shown that as many as 9 out of 10 medical bills from hospitals and providers contain errors. Their errors are compounded by the fact that insurance companies are not reimbursing correctly--they just pay the incorrect bills unquestioningly, but deny legitimate charges.

Your health is by far the most important thing there is. Have you or a loved one suffered an illness or accident that has made you realize just how important your health is? Sadly, more often than not many people do not realize just how important your health is until after something happens. Then what do you do?

Are you drowning from overwhelming debt from either the medical or hospital bills?

To make matters worse, you are the one that has to now deal with the insurance companies, the doctors offices and the hospital.  EVERYBODY that was involved with your illness or accident with you has to be dealt with. This is often times much more stressful than the illness itself. Everything is out of control. and YOU NEED HELP.

Did you know that a recent Harvard study showed that almost 80% of ALL medical or hospital bills contain errors and that a similar Equifax study shows that the likelihood of an error on a hospital bill is 9 out of 10 time?

You can be overcharged for procedures that didnít occur and even medications that you didnít receive.  Medical bills are very difficult to understand and are often many pages long with impossible codes to understand. 

The difference in a single digit of a code can result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars in overcharges. If the code is incorrect you are the one who suffers.

We will review your medical or hospital bills and ensure that all of the charges are accurate, reasonable and 100% legitimate.

We will be able to identify the amount that you should pay, NOT the amount that you were actually billed and not a penny more.

We act as your advocate or champion to ensure that you are treated fairly, dispute the unnecessary claims, address any billing errors and file the necessary appeals.

Here are some examples of how savings are found for you:

Consider Joe Manchin's bill. After his recent knee replacement, Manchin says most of his $34,000 medical bill was a list of charges simply labeled "hospital extras." Also, by the way, Joe Manchin is the governor of West Virginia. He also stated that nobody can understand what each hospital extra fee is. The best accountant in the world canít possibly understand this, he says.

Why should should you get help with your medical or hospital bills?

Did you know that Americans spend over $26 Billion dollars per year on tax preparation?

Unfortunately, hospitals typically charge uninsured patients far more for medical services and a patients stay than the lower, discounted prices that are provided to health insurance companies and government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. The medical bill for prescription drugs, rooms, and medical care for an uninsured individual can be two or three times higher or even more than the price paid by insurers. This statistic is from the National Consumer Law Center.

Medicare is the largest payer of medical services in the United States. The US Government has done an extensive analysis of the cost of nearly every medical service in every locale across the entire United States, and they have determined a payment for that service.

You shouldnít have to pay more than the government does for ANY of these procedures.

Contact us to get the medical bill or hospital relief process started now!

The sooner we start our process the sooner you save money!


We have a simplified two tier pricing structure. 

If your medical or hospital bills are more than $2,500 and $10,000 or less the one time fee is $249 plus 25% of the amount of money that we save you.

If your medical or hospital bills are more than $10,000 the one time fee is $499 plus 25% of the amount of money that we save you.





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