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How To Reduce Your Medical Bills

2/3 of the people filing for bankruptcy often listed medical bills as the top reason for their financial insolvency. Even with health insurance, it is no guarantee due to the rising cost of out-of-pocket expenses and inadequate health insurance protection.

We shop around for laser eye surgery and stomach stapling. It does not make any sense for us to go into a doctors office without any idea of how much a procedure is going to cost. And it especially makes no sense if you are uninsured and paying for the procedure directly out of your own pocket.

How do I reduce my medical debt after I received a bill?

Before negotiating to reduce your medical bill, ask for an itemized statement. Double billing on a hospital bill is common. Look out for the following common double billing line items:

1. Check to make sure that you are not double billed for a hospital room and its standard amenities like a toothbrush or sheets.

2. Keep an eye out for kits or trays in your itemized medical bill. Check them against the individual charges for specific surgical instruments.


It is not unusual to get a 30% discount from just going through your itemized hospital bill to make sure that you are billed properly for the items that you did use during your stay.


How to negotiate a reduction on your medical bill

However, hospitals generally do not want to go through your itemized hospital bill by individual charges. Instead, they prefer to give a percentage discount off the hospital bill. Cash paying patients can get up to a 40% reduction off the inflated medical bill simply by asking.

Ask the billing department “Are you authorized to give me a discount for this medical bill?”

A.  If the answer yes, follow up with “What kind of discount can you give me?”

B.  Then ask “Who is authorized to give me a bigger discount?”

C.  Follow by “Can I get a bigger discount for paying with cash?”  If you do not have cash, you can charge it to your credit card.  But don’t charge it if you cannot pay off the balance when your credit card bill is due.  It would be stupid to pay finance charges that are larger than the amount you will be saving.

D.  If you can afford to, ask “Is there a discount for paying my medical bill in full?”  Most billing representatives assume that you will be paying installments on a medical bill.  If you can afford to pay the entire bill in full, ask for a discount for prompt payment.

2.  If the answer is no, then ask “Who is authorized to give me a discount?”  Then ask to speak to that person.  Follow with Questions A-D from above.






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